Taxi Rates

Downers Grove Taxi offers several different rate structures to better serve your needs: 

We offer low flat rates to and from O'Hare and Midway Airport. Please note that the Flat Rate from the airport to Suburbs is $2 more due to the City of Chicago Airport Tax.

Airport Flat Rates

We also offer offer Low Flat rates to / from  Chicago Downtown / Loop. Please note that parts of Chicago outside the Loop are $10 more than the published Loop Flat Rate.

Chicago Flat Rates

Trips form one suburb to another or within a suburb are usually metered. However, we often offer a Flat Rate for local trips based on the customer's request. Please call 630-971-6515 and one of our dispatchers will estimate and offer a low flat rate for your local trip as well.

Local Taxi Meter Rates : Downers Grove & Beyond

Trips within Downers Grove are usually metered as well, but just like trips to other suburbs, you can also request a Flat Rate for local trips within Downers Grove. Just call us at  630-971-6515. 

Local Taxi Meter Rates : Downers Grove

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